Address hair loss problem with the ultimate solution.

Hair fall would be because of nutritional deficiencies, some medical conditions or may be genetic. But hair fall need not be a constant in your life, as Mesotherapy holds the solution for strong hairs. It completely revitalises hair for a transformed look that you may have been yearning for ages. So, act before it’s too late! Near painless treatment is what it all takes for your thinning hair woes.

What is Mesotherapy?

Some amount of hair loss is experienced by everyone, but when a substantial amount of hair strands falls daily, it may cause worry. Hair fall would be because of nutritional deficiencies, some medical conditions or may be genetic. Mesotherapy can help restore thinning hair.

It is a non-surgical treatment to stop hair fall. A combination of scientific & FDA approved ingredients is injected into the epidermal layer of the skin to promote new hair growth.

How is Mesotherapy done?

The procedure involves injecting amino acids & peptides into the scalp, providing appropriate nutrients, vitamins, & minerals to restore hair follicles and strengthen them to prevent hair fall. The entire procedure might take around 20 mins to perform.

What should I expect from the treatment?

After the procedure, clients will notice a decrease in hair fall with improved density and texture.

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Do you see more than a hundred hair strands falling every day? Conscious that you might be losing too much hair than normal?

Mesotherapy will benefit you to stop hair fall and strengthen hair. Talk to our experts to understand Mesotherapy and determine how it helps to infuse your hair with a new lease of life with powerful ingredients. Call at: 9234569999 or log on to It is a minimally invasive treatment suitable for both men and women.

Asked Question's

How many sessions are involved in the treatment?

An individual may need a minimum of 4 sessions, which could be continued to 10-12 sessions as per results by combining with other hair loss treatments.

When can I see the results from the treatment?

For an effective result, a total of 6-8 sessions should be performed, with each session every two weeks apart.

Are the results permanent from the treatment?

A good hair care regime should follow the treatment for healthy hair and maintain results. If there is no drastic hair fall, the results would be long lasting after the procedure.

What is the aftercare post-treatment?

Steps to follow post-treatment:
1. Do not massage the surgical site. Use only the prescribed medicines and do not use any other hair care products.
2. Avoid smoking and drinking for at least 3 days.
3. You can wash your hair with the prescribed product.
4. Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours.

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