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“The pico laser has finally arrived in town!! And sashaluxeclinics has it! Thanks to the team for doing such a phenomenal job with the treatment. One of the finest I’ve experienced in a long time.. Now I don’t need to travel to different cities or parts of the world for this.. I have it right here!”

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Indeed, having good skin is essential in today’s glamorous world of photoshoots and events because neither the camera nor photoshop can lie. It captures all the minor and significant details, which is why it is challenging to maintain your overall health and your skin. 

Well, this is what we are in this blog to reveal actress Namrata’s best-kept beauty secrets for wrinkle-free and glowing skin. Keep scrolling to know Namrata’sNamrata’s skincare treatment with us.

Trusted by Tollywood leading personalities for world-class treatments, Sasha is a one-stop solution for any aesthetic needs. Sasha Luxe Clinic offers the best cosmetology services for all your beauty needs. With our constantly evolving innovative techniques and medical-grade quality products, we give your skin and hair an edge above the rest. With our carefully curated solutions ranging from derma facial to hair treatments to cosmetic surgery, we celebrate the true essence of beauty. 

Actress Namrata Shirodkar Improves Her Skin Complexion with Sasha Treatment

“Let your skin reveal your story.”Namrata Shirodkar is an Indian actress known for her work in Hindi films. She worked as a model and was crowned Miss India in 1993. Model Namrata represented India in the Miss Universe pageant and finished in sixth place.

It was a great bliss to have actress Namrata over at Sasha – Luxe Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Center. Stunning Namrata visits us for her regular skincare routine. In order to address her skin concerns, we used Picoway laser pigmentation removal, which delivers rapid energy pore to the target area to vibrate and break apart darker pigments and damaged cells within the skin. Unlike heat-based technologies, this laser treatment employs advanced versatility to promote a natural healing process and achieve results with precision.

Get Rid of Acne Scars, Pigmentation & Blemishes with Picosure Laser

Picoway laser pigmentation removal is a non-invasive, non-surgical laser skin treatment that can treat the most common skin imperfections, such as sun damage spots and acne scarring. It is widely regarded as one of the most advanced laser treatments today. It produces visible, long-lasting results in fewer sessions than comparable options, is safe, requires little downtime, and can be applied on the whole face and body.

How Does Picoway Work:

  • Picoway laser acne scars work in picoseconds and fires ultra-short pulses duration on the skin.
  • These high-energy short pulses from the Pico laser break the pigment into fine dust particles.
  • Small pigment particles are simple for the body to eliminate and thus are eliminated much more efficiently & quickly. In addition, it allows for better results in a few settings from the PICO laser.

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Core Advantages of Pico laser Treatment:

Here are the key benefits of Pico laser Treatment:

  • Pico Laser Is Suitable For All Skin Types
    The Pico laser is ideal for many skin types, including those typically tricky to treat. In addition, we can offer safe laser skin pigmentation removal for skin with the Picoway. This gentle, light-based approach can help you regain lost confidence and restore your skin’s natural appearance.
  • It treats hyperpigmentation and other discoloration:
    The Pico laser breaks up the pigment in brown spots, aging spots, and freckles. This treatment removes pigmented lesions caused by sun damage and other difficult-to-treat conditions, including melasma and acne pigmentation.
  • It activates Collagen Production:
    During your Picoway Facial treatment, the deeper layers of the dermis are stimulated to speed up the natural rejuvenation process. The treatment heats the skin’s deep layers, stimulating new collagen, improving tone and texture, and reducing the risk of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars.
  • It Heals Acne Scars:
    Pico laser allows treatment to efficiently and effectively remove most impurities from the surface of your skin. In addition, the laser breaks up scar tissue and stimulates new healing in the area. This shows smoother skin and more even skin tone without scar tissue.
  • No downtime or Discomfort:
    Pico laser treatments do not need any downtime. Some people may face redness and swelling, but this should go away after a few hours. Patients can usually resume their normal activities right away. You may feel minor, temporary discomfort, but nothing compared to surgical or invasive treatments.

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Trusted by Tollywood leading personalities for world-class treatments, Sasha is a one-stop solution for any aesthetic needs. Sasha recognises this yearning, ergo committed to giving you exactly that! Our in-house Dermatologists and Cosmetic Surgeons are known for being the best at delivering results and helping celebrities choose the ideal solution for them. Our celebrity doctors understand the uniqueness of skin tone and hair texture which is why we’ve designed solutions for the most significant benefit. 

So, for ageless skin like Namrata, visit us at Sasha – Luxe Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Center, Hyderabad.