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Our eyes hold a unique aesthetic appeal to our appearance. Looking younger is an inherent appeal for humans, though; sometimes, our eyes give away the reality of our age. They undergo a lot of environmental & age-related stress each day to cause conditions like eye bags, which distort the beautiful appearance of our eyes and, ultimately, our entire face.   

Eye bags are the mild swelling or puffiness in the skin under the eyes. With age, tissues around the eye slowly weaken and sag. This loss of skin tightness allows fat to shift forward into the lower eyelids, making them look puffy and swollen. In addition, fluid can pool in this area and lead to edema (swelling). Again, it contributes to the puffy appearance.  

Though eye bags are not a medical concern, they are not an appealing feature for our face and undermine our confidence.   

There are surgical as well as non-surgical procedures to treat under-eye bags.


Fillers are one of the most preferred procedures to correct under-eye bags. Dermal fillers, also known as injectable implants, facial fillers, or wrinkle fillers, are FDA-approved medical implants for use in the face to create a smoother and fuller appearance.   

Dermal fillers can be made of synthetic materials or natural origin. Hyaluronic acid is one of the most commonly utilized dermal fillers (HA) ingredients. HA is a naturally occurring component in our skin that aids in hydration and volumizes our skin. HA fillers can last from eight months to much longer before being gradually eliminated by the body, depending on their chemical makeup.   

Volbella is Juvéderm’s newest FDA-approved injection. Volbella contains hyaluronic acid, which helps the skin maintain hydration and softness, resulting in long-lasting effects. It is made possible by the unique Vycross technology, which has been shown to soften and fill lines in most patients over a year. Vycross technology is an Allergan-developed proprietary filler technology that produces smooth dermal filler solutions that have been created to address specific patient issues.    

The VyCross technology improves the filler’s fluidity, allowing it to move more in sync with your facial expressions and create a more natural appearance. VyCross fillers also don’t absorb water. Thus, they don’t cause as much edema as other fillers.   

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