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Tattoos are inspired by our sentiments. Despite the pain it causes we dare to get it done. However, things can go wrong and at some point, we may decide to get rid of it completely.  

There are various methods for tattoo removal but most of them cause an equal amount of pain similar to getting it in the first place. Few methods don’t remove the tattoo completely and the entire process seems challenging and burdensome.  

If you are looking for a treatment that permanently removes your tattoo without much pain and downtime then we have the perfect solution for it.    

Pico laser is the latest advancement in laser technology that is the world’s most loved treatment for permanent tattoo removal. Pico laser is different from other laser technologies present in the market as the Pico lasers energy is pulsed in a billionth of a second. 

Conventional lasers are less powerful; as they take a longer time to penetrate the skin. Long exposure heats the skin causing redness, and chances of burn. Pico lasers are vastly different and much more efficient than conventional lasers. A Pico laser can penetrate the skin much more quickly, which prevents heat build-up on the skin due to long exposure. Quick procedure time with a Pico laser is one of its attractive features. The treatment is less painful, and recovery from the procedure doesn’t involve much time. 

How does it work

  • A Pico laser works in picoseconds which fires ultra-short pulses duration on skin.  
  • These high energy short pulses from the Pico laser break the pigment into fine dust particles.   
  • Small pigment particles are simple for the body to eliminate and thus are eliminated much more efficiently & quickly. It allows for better results in a few settings from the Pico laser.

Frequently Asked Question


Once a session is complete, clients may observe redness or swelling at the treatment area; these are temporary and settle after a few hours.  

Pico laser is completely safe for all skin types to undergo treatment.

Many clients need a minimum of 3 sessions to see optimal results. First, the skin will brighten and look even tone within a few days of the treatment.  

The results from the Pico laser are long-lasting and permanent if any new damage doesn’t occur. Proper aftercare post-treatment can prove to be extremely helpful towards the success of the treatment.

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Devices We Use

The primary device in the treatment is a Pico laser named PicoWay by Candela. Pico laser energy is pulsed in a billionth of a second. It creates; a less photothermal effect and a high photoacoustic effect to treat any coloured tattoos including difficult to treat blue and green coloured tattoos.  

The PicoWay system, with pulses from 300-450ps, has an ATPI index greater than 1 for particle sizes exceeding 350nm. 


Photoacoustic Fracturing is Advantageous  

  1. Less heat is generated resulting in fewer side effects and minimal discomfort.  
  2. Improved ability to treat smaller particles resulting in more complete clearance.  

 High Peak Power Means Greater Efficacy 

The high peak power of the 450ps pulse of the PicoWay system delivers 4.5 times more photoacoustic effect than the 750ps pulse of other picosecond devices. The 750ps pulse delivers a more photothermal effect, since it does not have high peak power and must deliver the energy over a longer period of time. This excess photothermal effect can lead to potential side effects.  

Advantages of 785 nm wavelength in PicoWay; 

  1. 785nm has good absorption by green & blue inks.  
  2. 785 nm penetrates deeper compared to 755nm to the region of the spectrum where it can treat melanosomes, without interference from blood.  
  3. 785nm enables ultra-short pulses (300ps), for better elimination of green and blue inks.

Before and After

Before After picoway resolve laser costpicoway resolve laser treatment
Before After tattoo removaltattoo removal
Before After PicowayLaser Treatment in Hyderabad

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"Iam suffering with melasma condition . Dr.Navya suggested me Pico laser, with 3 sessions only I can see lot of difference...U can try it... Thank u shasha & team"

sowmya lalithar

"I had a anti agening problem . Dr. Sanjay has suggested me to get HiFu done . I got it done 2 sessions I got the best result nw I'm happy with my concern . Thnq Dr.sanjay"

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"Happy to share this review, Consulted Dr. Navya garu for acne concern and the results were amazing. The clinic is very hygienic and friendly staff. I would strongly suggest Dr. Navya garu"

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"I have been visiting Sasha for over 11mnths and the service is just awesome. I have been here for my acne treatment and laser hair reduction and the results are just amazing."

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