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Laser hair reduction is the best solution for unwanted hair

Getting rid of body hairs is the first and foremost procedure for proper grooming. But the standard methods of unwanted hair removal, such as shaving, threading, & waxing, come with many inconveniences, like regular appointments to the salon, painful experiences with threading and waxing, risk of cuts and infection with shaving.  

However, laser hair reduction provides a safer, hassle-free, and permanent solution to hair removal issues.   

How does laser hair reduction work?  

A laser system emits high energy and long-wavelength beams targeted at hair follicles. A laser beam can penetrate deeper into the skin. Melanin, a skin pigment present in the hair follicles, absorbs a large amount of heat, making it inactive for further growth.   

In four different stages of the hair growth cycle, the Anagen phase has the highest amount of melanin when the laser hair reduction is most effective.   

 When to expect a visible change in hair reduction from laser hair reduction?  

A laser hair reduction is affected by the amount of hair in that particular area, hair texture, skintone, etc. A visible change in hair reduction is experienced after 6-12 repeated laser treatment sessions when 80-85% of new hair growth is reduced.  

On which body parts can I undergo laser hair reduction?  

The results laser hair reduction from are so effective that most clients prefer to undergo laser treatment in multiple areas of their bodies. The preferred areas are legs, arms, underarms, back, chin, chest, and bikini lines. The location of choice had been back, chest, neck, face, and beard for men.   

It sounds like laser hair reduction will solve major unwanted hair problems from most parts of our bodies. So, hurry and book an appointment, talk to our experts. laser hair reduction saves you hassles and time as you can forever be free of the worry of shaving or waxing.    

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