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Fats are a way to reserve energy in our body, but sure it looks awkward when some uneven fat pockets bulge out. Also, it undermines our confidence to look and feel better.   

Eating healthy and exercising is an excellent way to keep our body weight under control, but some fat bulges seem so stubborn that even the most challenging exercises don’t shake them. Losing weight has been possible with some extra effort, but some areas are somewhat challenging to target with a particular set of exercises. That’s when additional procedures come in handy for your goal of achieving the desired body shape.   

So, while researching procedures that would help you look the way you desire, it’s sometimes confusing to understand the difference between the two procedures of Cooltech and Liposuction.   

While Liposuction has been here for quite some time to help people lose weight on their way to enjoying a healthy life, cool tech is the latest rage and the safest way to achieve the desired shape.  

Invasive & Non-invasive procedures  

Both procedures have a similar goal to reduce fat from our bodies, but how to achieve it differs in both approaches. So, let’s understand the difference between both, which might help us decide on selecting a procedure that suits our body & goal.  

The principal difference between both procedures is that Liposuction involves an invasive surgical treatment while cool tech is a non-invasive technique based on the science of cryo lipolysis.   

Cryolipolysis involves targeting fat cells with selective low temperature to trigger their natural cell death mechanism and removal through body lymphatic drainage without damage to surrounding healthy cells & tissues.  

While Liposuction involves surgical removal of fat under anesthesia, the procedure comes with the additional risk of infection and blood loss.   

Cooltech is a safe way to contour many body areas to bring a visible change and body shape.  

Liposuction would be the ideal procedure widespread where rapid weight loss is intended but not without risk.  

Recovery time after Liposuction Vs no downtime with Cooltech  

While a surgical procedure requires the stitch and underneath muscles to heal, which costs us precious time and keeps us away from the activities we love to do. Post-surgery follow-ups are compulsory, and it takes days to get back to our usual strength after the procedure.  

Cooltech doesn’t hold you back, and minutes after the procedure, you can go back to your daily chores. However, some clients may experience redness, aching, tingling and itching, which subsides in due time and hardly requires any resting time.  

Which one will you choose? 

Both procedures have significant differences in their technique to reduce fat.   

We believe in minimally invasive procedures, which help our clients to have no setbacks in their journey to achieve their goals. We help our clients make an informed choice in this journey with our best knowledge and clinically safe methods. We encourage thorough research before opting for any procedure, and our professionals add their expertise to make that choice.   

To know more about Cooltech, book a consultation with our experts to guide you in your treatment and devise a personalized plan.