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Tattoos are a style statement, a commitment or a sentiment. When we get a tattoo, we mean it to be a permanent part of our life. But as the saying goes! Nothing is permanent in this world, so why should be a tattoo?  

Now technology can erase tattoos, which were once considered permanent. A Pico laser is a powerful technology much more improved than a conventional laser system. As a result, the Pico laser is the first choice for removing a tattoo. So let us understand how a Pico laser works.   

What is a Pico laser?  

A Pico laser is the latest technology that emits energy pulses at picoseconds. Such high energy can penetrate deeper into the skin much more quickly, breaking the pigment molecules into a fine dust that the body can easily remove. In addition, a greater penetration at a lesser time allows less heat generation & makes it easier to use without burning or discomfort.   

The treatment sessions are much quicker and less painful with Pico laser with minimal or no side effects.   

Pico laser is the best technology to remove tattoos! 

Starting from getting a tattoo to its removal can be a harrowing journey with a conventional laser system. However, a Pico laser has revolutionized cosmetic treatments and, more importantly, removing tattoos.  

A conventional laser breaks the tattoo pigments into particles that are not minute enough to be removed entirely from the body. Thus, a traditional laser gives inefficient results, a more significant number of treatment sessions, and a painful process. However, energy from the Pico laser gives much more efficient results to remove tattoos. It is because laser pulses at picoseconds break the pigments small enough for the body to remove them altogether.   

This technology gives us the freedom to choose to let go of our past and move on as we can permanently remove tattoos.   

Apart from tattoo removal, this technology is suitable for correcting skin pigmentation, acne scars, freckles, brown spots, uneven skin tone, etc.  

At Sasha, we use the latest & efficient technology to give our clients the desired results. Client satisfaction is at the core of every treatment we provide, and the Pico laser has been once such powerful technology that has brought immense joy to our clients.    

Consult our specialist and know a tailored treatment plan to understand your treatment needs.